Breakwater Products is based in  Cape Town, South Africa.

We have a 15 year history of supplying quality fresh and frozen fish all over the world.

Breakwater Products has owned and managed, dedicated vessels and factories that ensure sustainable supply, high quality and efficient logistics, especially for the fresh fish operations.

We supply fish to many satisfied customers on 7 continents.

Breakwater Products has worked closely with many suppliers to open sustainable international markets for South African products and to produce the quality to required.

Breakwater Products has specialised Large Pelagics (Tuna, Swordfish), Cold Water Lobster (Jasus lalandi),  and various other species including Oilfish, Yellowtail, Shark, Octopus, Ribbonfish, Hake and others.

Breakwater Products has further developed many modern on-board systems for safe ship management, quality assurance and routine maintenance.

Our crews are continuously being trained in safety at sea with our own safe ship management plans. Processing methods are taught, and on going maintenance training is done.