Marine Harvest innovative freshness tool

Marine Harvest innovative freshness tool

Marine Harvest is planning to introduce an innovative freshness tool for its fish products on the European market which promises to revolutionise the way the industry handles shelf life secure freshness and reduce food waste.

By adding the industry leading smart labelling indicator Keep-it to its products, it will apparently be the first global seafood company to offer customers and consumers a tool that shows accurate and real time freshness and shelf life.

“Temperature variations in the cold chain makes handling fresh fish a race against the clock. With Keep-it shelf life indicators, we can offer our clients and their customers a tool that monitors freshness with accuracy,” said Ola Brattvoll, chief operating officer at Marine Harvest.

“It is both simple and smart, and secures the top-quality product we would like to offer the European seafood consumers.”

Keep-it indicators are attached directly after the fresh fish is cut and packed. Throughout the cold chain, they track the actual temperature impact on the fish product in real time, enabling a more dynamic and precise shelf life than traditional date stamping.

Marine Harvest tested the concept with the Norwegian retailer REMA 1000 a few years ago and the technology enabled the retailer to attain increased consumer satisfaction, better in-store routines, reduced food waste and improved profitability. Since then, the retailer has implemented Keep-it labelling on more than 20 million fresh food products.

Further test launches are taking place this year and Marine Harvest plans to introduce Keep-it indicators to ten of its European markets by 2019.

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